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How to redeem the FREE products?

Step 1 : Select one of the product from the link as below,

1.  SHOP Bayam Bohemian Short Skirt Pant

2.  SHOP Campana Silver Pleated Short Pant

3.  SHOP Flinders Crossbody Handbag

* The redemption only can through the above link. For normal purchase, please use the different link (continue to read).

Step 2 : Add the item to the shopping cart.

Step 3 : Key in the Discount Code - LUSTGIFT upon the Checkout page.

Use different link for the normal purchase.

The discount code only can be used to purchase one (1) of the product. So, if you want to purchase more than one quantity for the same product, the second quantity you have to select from the original product page where the original price is but the shipping fees is waived. (Original product entitled the Free Shipping Worldwide)

If you are using the discount code for Product A and you also want to buy Product B or one more item for the Product A, so for the product B and the second item, you have to select from its original product page to get the Shipping Waived. It's much more saver!

This is the link for the original product pages,

1. Bayam Bohemian Crotchet Top x Short Skirt Pant

2. Campana Short Top x Silver Pleated Short Pant

3. Flinders Crossbody Handbag


Terms & Conditions :

1) No minimum purchase required.

2) One account only can purchase either one set.

3) Customer have to bear the shipping fee.

4) This promotion will end anytime while stock last.

5) The product is a gift for customer's personal use and it's not reselleable.

6) Shipping fee is depends on the delivery location and it's all set, The Lust 30 will not entertain any argument.

7) One shipping fee only can accept one delivery address.

8) Product sold under this promotion is not exchangeable, returnable or refundable.

9) If customer is not satisfied with the product, shipping fee is not refundable.

10) The Lust 30 reserves the right to alter the terms & conditions or end the promotions anytime without prior notice. All the decisions are final.

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